Getting Started

1. Create a Klasha account

To create a free Klasha account, simply visit

If you're conducting tests, you can sign up on our DEV environment at

2. Integrate Klasha

There are various ways you can integrate Klasha into your platform (web/mobile) to start accepting payments seamlessly.

Klasha inline

The Klasha inline JavaScript method is an easy way to start accepting payments on your web applications.

Klasha Inline

E-commerce platforms

Klasha has developed several plugins such as WooCommerce, Magento 2, etc., which you can install into your e-commerce platforms to start accepting payments.


Web SDKs

We offer a variety of SDKs to integrate Klasha into your web application, such as Angular, React, Vue 2, and Vue 3.

Web SDKs

Mobile SDKs

We also offer a variety of SDKs to integrate Klasha into your mobile application, such as iOS, Android, Flutter, Ionic, and React Native.

Mobile SDKs

Integrate without code

Through payment links on your dashboard, Klasha makes it possible to receive payments for products or services directly from your customers with no need for programming or integration. Check out our Payment Links section for more information and integration guides.

Payment Link

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